Coin Cuffs V2 by Danny Goldsmith (Mp4 Video Magic Download)

Coin Cuffs V2 by Danny Goldsmith (Mp4 Video Magic Download)

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Danny Goldsmith - Coin Cuffs V2

Coin and Bill Magic

A few years ago Danny released an award-winning effect that blew everyone away, but now…
it’s even better…
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“I am a GIGANTIC fan of Danny. Everything he touches is gold. This is a must have!!!”

-Chris Kenner

(Master Magician and 30 years as Executive Producer/Magic Consultant for David Copperfield

You’ll Learn:

Coin Cuffs V2
Danny’s award-winning effect made even better. Two coins visually phase through each other followed by an impossibly clean vanish with a super sneaky method that you are going to love performing!
Completely impromptu and can be done with any coins.

Sharpie Through Coin
A fun bonus idea where a sharpie melts through a coin in the most impossible manner, suspended half way through before being pulled out and everything can be handed out for examination. The method will surprise you.
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“Coin Cuffs is an incredibly visual concept that is perfect for video and live performance. Not hard to do and is SO fun to practice”
-Ryan Bliss

“Every time I feel like ‘I’ve got this coin magic down’, Danny Goldsmith peeks his head out and raises the bar. His creativity, technique and presentations always bring something new to the table and studying his work will definitely make you a better magician. Coin Cuffs v2 is no different when it comes to this. What you’ll learn here is a truly magical and visual experience that will make your audience question their own eyes”.

-Kim Andersen.

“When Danny showed me coin cuffs, my mouth was just open the entire time! I couldn’t believe it! The visual is stunning. It looks perfect! And by that I mean – it looks EXACTLY like it would if it were real magic! There’s no funny movements, no suspicious get ready’s, and (unbelievably) no gimmicks!It’s also probably unlike any other coin effect you perform. It’s a ridiculously visual penetration that looks like the coins just melt through each other. In all honesty, you’d not need to read this review. If you’ve seen the trailer, you already know just how incredible this effect is. Danny Goldsmith is one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) coin magicians in history, and coin cuffs is a masterpiece! “
-Steven Bridges
Learn Danny’s award winning effect made even better!

Download or stream it now.

“5 out of 5 for sure. An excellent level up from the original coin cuffs routine. Great instructions and amazing subtleties, once again we’ve been gifted a golden ticket to an amazing routine!”

Tristen Vanarman
Coin Cuffs V2 Student

“A few years ago Danny inspired me to rethink my coin work with Crazy Man’s Coin Cuffs. I didn’t think it was possible to improve on his handling, but with Coin Cuffs V2 he has. With great attention to detail, he teaches you a very fooling coin cuff routine that you will immediately add to your repertoire. If you already liked Crazy Man’s Coin Cuffs, then you’ll definitely love Coin Cuffs V2!”

Alex Hammer
Coin Cuffs V2 Student

“Danny has done it again! A super clean coin through coin that makes you gasp. As usual there is a detailed tutorial that explains everything. This will be something I definitely want to have in my magic repertoire. You also get a cool bonus effect included”

Jörgen Sondell
Coin Cuffs V2 Student

Learn one of the most impossible things you can do with two coins!