Stephen Leathwaite - Torn Twisted Restored

Stephen Leathwaite - Torn Twisted Restored

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Stephen Leathwaite - Torn Twisted Restored

A signed card is clearly torn into two pieces. With both pieces signed, one of them is inverted and the card is then visually restored in an impossible twisted state. All this happens whilst the spectator is holding the card. Quite simply it is Torn, Twisted and Restored!

This leaves the spectator with an incredible souvenir that they will keep and talk about forever. The effect can be straight and to the point or you can use an'Anniversary Waltz'style presentation. A full performance can be seen on the trailer and it really is that direct and clean, with no angle problems. This is an incredible version of the torn and restored plot that you will look forward to performing in any conditions.

  • Instantly Examinable
  • No Angle Problems
  • Incredible Souvenir
  • Highly Visual
  • Instructional DVD
  • Easy to do

Bonus Handlings & Tips: Stephen's stunning'In your hands'two piece restoration is also fully described on the DVD as well as insider performance knowledge on how to perform this incredible effect with different spectators signing both separate pieces prior to restoration.

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