Chris Brown - Dr.Manhattan Change & Book Change

Chris Brown - Dr.Manhattan Change & Book Change

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Episode lV -The Dr. Manhattan Change is one of my most used color changes. I am a firm believer that the more cover you have over the card during the change, the less magical it seems to the spectators due to the more time you had to potentially do something sneaky. The DMC is one of the most open and one of the fastest changes I’ve ever seen. If Dr. Manhattan (Most epic superhero of all time) did a color change, I think it would look like this.I’ve been doing the DMC since about 3 and a half years ago. I have used it at all of my performances. The concept is simple but the unseen execution work put into this move behind the scenes is what makes it so deadly. Danny Garcia jump started my creative process towards completing this move back at Magic Con 1. Since then I’ve transformed it and built it to what it is today. To this day it has remained one of the moments during a routine where I KNOW it will create a reaction. It’s a crowd pleaser and in my mind, one of the most direct color changes I’ve ever seen. A true declaration of technique to other fellow card men and a real moment of magic for your spectators.

The Book Changeis probably one of the most unique changes ever made. It’s one of those changes that is in a class of its own due to its rare form of delivery. I also teach a control with it and some extra tips to make this part of a killer routine. The Book change has fooled countless magicians and to this day there is almost nothing that is equal to its level of rareness when it comes to color changes.

In my opinion, real visual magic comes from color changes. This is why all of the Arthritis Onslaughts have so many of them. This download is a two in one and I am honored to deliver both of these to you at the same time. Welcome to episode lV, The DMC & BC.

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