Cone and Ball Lecture by Jeki Yoo

Cone and Ball Lecture by Jeki Yoo



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Cone and Ball Lecture by Jeki Yoo

"When I was 19 years old, I had seen a video of Aldo Colombini perform a Cone and Ball routine. It was very attractive and had a different feeling from Cups and Balls. 

"It looked like it was a little more stimulating to the imagination of the audience. 

"So, I looked up related videos and I found Dai Vernon's Ball, Cone and Handkerchief routine. 

"He showed it in a classical way and had a reason for all the moves. It was beautiful! 

"Aldo Colombini showed it with his style in a modern way. 

"After I saw these routines, I really wanted to make my own routine. Then I found some different solutions, and finally I could make my own routine. 

"Yes! This is my version of the Cone and Ball routine." 
- Jeki Yoo