Face Off by Ron Salamangkero (Video Download)

Face Off by Ron Salamangkero (Video Download)



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Face Off by Ron Salamangkero


If you think you’ve seen every possible version of torn and restored, think again.

We travelled over 6,700 miles to Manila in the Philippines to bring you the only torn card paradox we could never solve.

Around 2 years ago a video was submitted to us of a man taking 2 signed cards, tearing both and instantly restoring them as mismatched souvenirs that the spectator can examine and even keep.

That mysterious man was Ron Salamangkero... and his method was like nothing we could ever conceive in magic.

The best part is the moment the cards are torn… they are already restored, making this one of the easiest TnR's to perform. No palming of pieces.

- Zero Bad Angles 
- Completely Examinable 
- Nothing To Switch Or Ditch.

The torn pieces are placed in the spectators hands, only to emerge completely restored. All that remains is a frayed crease proving that the cards were once torn.

Gimmicks take minutes, but trust us, the memory this trick creates lasts a lifetime.

This is Face Off from Ron Salamangkero.

Download the secret TODAY.

Customer Reviews


    by Nathan L

    Oct 2018

    Great trick--- easy to prepare literally 5mins or less. I was sceptical at using this at first but after performing it a few times it gets crazy reactions and creates some major confusion. They can inspect the cards all they like and will not find anything. 

    good points: Easy to perform- hits hard- great priced. 

    Bad points: none.


    by John

    Oct 2018

    I legit bought this trick 10 minutes after it was released earlier today, wow it's awesome. I have not performed it yet but the overall trick is so deceiving but yet so clean, they weren't lying when they said once its torn it's already restored. I definitely recommend it I can already tell I am going to get great reactions with this