Ken Dyne - Bairn Bonus - Stack Hijack

Ken Dyne - Bairn Bonus - Stack Hijack

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Ken Dyne - Bairn Bonus - Stack Hijack

Stack Hijack is a routine that I didn’t get chance to put in to Bairn.

It is a combination of methods that make working with a stacked deck much more deceptive. One of the things that I have never liked about stacked deck routines is that if the audience works out that you know the order of the cards, then the whole game is up.

Stack Hijack is the outcome of this very thinking, so in this routine that I am using in many of my shows, you start by having the deck shuffled by numerous members of the audience. Yet you can continue with many of your favourite stacked deck routines.

Although I perform this stand-up, there is absolutely no reason you can’t use this close up.

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