Jason Aims and Ken Dyne - Thought Link PDF

Jason Aims and Ken Dyne - Thought Link PDF



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Jason Aims and Ken Dyne - Thought Link

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You are sitting around and someone says “you’re a mind reader/magician show us something”, rather than reaching for the cards or asking them to write anything down at all, you look down at your mobile phone. On your phone you open up an email you’ve got saved on there and show there’s a link in that email to a secret page on your blog, website, a wikipedia page or even a youtube video. You gather some objects from people, which involves everyone even more and NOW you’ve got a crowd wanting to know what’s happening… On the table are maybe 8, 10 maybe 12 objects. You ask one of the crowd to freely name ANY of the objects. They are given a TOTALLY free choice if they want to change their mind. They change their mind as much as they’d like and finally decide they want to pick the nice Beats By Dre headphones. With a single finger you click the link in the email that has been open the entire time. The link goes to a youtube video, a picture or a post on your blog where you predicted that exact object.

- – -

“One Of The Most Commercial Mindreading Routines I’ve Seen In A Very LONG Time. I’m Putting It Together Tonight” - Paul Romhany

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This has been one of my favourite mentalism routines for performing at networking meetings, social gatherings, over dinner with friends to catch the attention of the other diners and manager – and it’s 100% reliable, and totally flexible.I’ve used Thought Link to: - Chat up a women by predicting her star sign, - Predict which song in the current Top 10 music charts a DJ would think of, - Predict which main course off the menu the manager would choose for me, You can literally use this for ANYthing at all. What’s more, because there is no special app or software at all, Thought Link works on every mobile device, it’ll work on your iPad and your laptop. Anything that accepts email and has internet access.

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