Silent hand by S.Koller & S.Selyaninov

Silent hand by S.Koller & S.Selyaninov

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Silent hand by S.Koller & S.Selyaninov

The Silent hand project, is a new step for stage manipulation. Old Russian master Sergey Selyaninov has been performing manipulations for over 25 years, he created new style and methods based on classic work.

Sergey Koller being his student decided to create a showcase ofhis work and created something MORE

In Silent hand, you will find basic techniques & classic moves, as well as new techniques and over 15 original routines with cards, roses, silk and manipulation balls.

Routines included silent hand DVD:

  • From the outside
  • Parchment
  • Future times
  • Lily
  • Space controller
  • Grace
  • Spider silk production
  • Ninja soul
  • Hide & Seek
  • Silence
  • Chaos theory
  • Perfect rose production
  • Flash rose
  • Double rose production
  • Rose vanish
  • Rose vanish (second version)
  • Lose story
  • Change the color of the ball
  • Ball vanish
  • Orbit
  • Phantom
  • Selyninov shot
  • Boomerang cards

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