Daryl - Magic Made Simple Act 1 (Video Download)

Daryl - Magic Made Simple Act 1 (Video Download)



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Magic Made Simple Act 1 by Daryl (Download)

Do you want to perform incredible feats of magic without investing hours of practice or money for special props?Magic Made Simplewill teach you core concepts using common everyday items. In Act 1, you will learn to make ordinary balls appear, disappear, penetrate through solid cups, and even jump into a spectator's closed hand! You will master the mystery of causing a borrowed finger ring to melt through an ordinary piece of string and magically produce the four aces from an ordinary shuffled deck of cards!

Detailed instruction by a World Champion, Gold Medal Winning magic guru will give you insight and tips that are just not available anywhere else! Daryl, teacher and creator of magic for some of the most famous magicians in the world, has carefully researched thousands of magic sources to bring you only the finest tips and techniques, from some of magic's best kept secrets!


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