Tarbell 72: Novel Ball Magic

Tarbell 72: Novel Ball Magic

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Tarbell 72: Novel Ball Magic

Re-imagined ball magic concepts applied to a variety of items

Billiard Ball Through Handkerchief:

A quick, visual bit where a ball seems to melt halfway through a silk handkerchief which can even be pulled back and forth through the center of the ball.

Balls from the Air (Methods 1 & 2):
Learn how to pluck a seemingly endless supply of strange spheres from the air, and vanish them just as easily.

Balls from the Air (Method 3):
An Easter themed routine that allows you to catch a basketful of eggs which then transform into many bright colors. No bunny required.

McLemore's "Stop-Go":
A very unique routine where balls of yarn move on their own.

Senator Clark Crandall's Cup and Balls:
Chop-Cup-style routine using a completely ungimmicked cup and three sneaky grapes.

Tarbell's "Flower Pots and Oranges":
Tarbell's re-imagined version of the venerable classic Cups and Balls, suitable for stand-up and stage.