2017 Tarbell 73 Unique Card Magic

2017 Tarbell 73 Unique Card Magic

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Tarbell 73: Unique Card Magic (Instant Download)

Jump Up Card: A quick card revelation where the selection pops from the middle of the deck isolated in the box.

Reneaux' Card in the Envelope: A signed selected card disappears from the deck, and impossibly appears sealed inside an envelope in your jacket pocket.

Stanley Palm's Ghost Cards: Find a selected card while the deck is wrapped in a cloth, then, make the entire deck vanish!

Palhinha's Wherizit: A multi-phase monte routine with a kicker ending using an updated gimmick you can make at home.

Haxton's One Chance in Eight: A fun, impromptu, interactive elimination trick where both you and your spectator find her card.

Francis Haxton's "Inspired": An unexpected, single card across which vanishes from under one helper's hand while another cuts right to it where it just shouldn't be.

Maldo's Six Card Mystery: A classic six card repeat routine that makes use of some interesting counting techniques.

Berland's Six Card Repeat Mystery: A truly impossible poker hand repeat, updated for maximum visibility and impact with a color-changing backs kicker ending.

Crandall's One Hand Six Card Repeat: This One-Handed Repeat routine is used as the perfect comedic lead-in to a card stab finale... with a Frisbee.

Hen Fetsch's Card in Balloon: A fantastic impromptu, ungimmicked card from balloon routine.

Rawson Card Reading: A special gimmick you can make at home, that allows you to secretly glimpse the bottom card of a cased deck.

Tarbell Card Reading: A modern update to a special gimmick you can make at home, that allows you to secretly glimpse the bottom card of a cased deck.

The Gambler's Rehearsal: A complete gambling demonstration, requiring no skill, but making you look like an expert who can produce any winning hand any time you want.