PINcredible by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA

PINcredible by Mr. Pearl and ARCANA

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PINcredible by Mr.Pearl (Video Download)

This is such a welcome surprise to us; it's a rebirth of the classic linking safety pins, but with more modern pins and handling. We also marveled at the perfect, whimsical linking safety pins that Jerry Andrus refined over the course of his career. Now, Mr. Pearl has devised his own set of pins, and incorporated several STUNNING new links and sequences.

In this set you'll receive everything you need to perform, as well as vivid, detailed video instruction on how make each link and unlink happen. As with all linking safety pin routines, the moves are actually quite easy to perform, and nobody is doing them anymore.

We're thrilled to see such quality props back on the market again, and with a whole new set of moves to amaze audiences with. Mr. Pearl even suggests wearing the pins on your lapel, which we think is a clever way to ensure people ask you what they're for.

""With PINcredible, Mr. Pearl gives a fresh look to a classic in magic. From props to its method, Mr. Pearl leaves nothing to be desired. His handling is extremely visual as well. If you are already performing a routine of this type, you will want to combine it with Mr. Pearl's routine to come up with an entirely new one!"Akira Fuji