Very Fair by The Other Brothers (Instant Download)

Very Fair by The Other Brothers (Instant Download)

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Very Fair by The Other Brothers (Instant Download)

The best method of the year. You will smile from ear-to-ear when you learn how this works. Then you'll perform it. A LOT.

This mind-reading trick is VERY good... but the method? It's INGENIOUS. A once-in-a-lifetime discovery. Learning the secret, I felt like I had just been struck by lightning.

Not only will you smile from ear-to-ear when you learn how to predict a THOUGHT-OF word, but you'll actually start performing it, and you probably won't stop.  It's impromptu AND plays equally well for 2 as it does for 2,000.

It's called VERY FAIR, and it is absolutely true to its name.  You write 2 words "Very" and "Fair" on 2 pieces of paper. You let someone secretly choose one. And it REALLY IS A SECRET.  Nobody, NOT EVEN YOU know which word they picked... and yet somehow... you are able to tell them, with COMPLETE CONFIDENCE which word they thought of.  It's just .... my favorite new trick in a LOOOONG TIME.

You'll learn multiple ways to present it, for example making the thought-of word vanish, and more.  I like to keep it 100% mind-reading.  To ratchet up the tension, I like to wager some money on the prediction!

All I'll say is that this is worth your time, and it's a thing of beauty. When you're ready to expand your mind and your magic