FaceLift by Leon Andersen

FaceLift by Leon Andersen

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FaceLift by Leon Andersen

This trick fooled Michael Ammar.. so your poor spectators have no chance.

"Beautiful job! You fooled me!" -Michael Ammar

"A change of one card is impressive but to change 2 right under their downright diabolical! The most beautiful part of this change is in front of them the entire time" -Justin Miller

"It's one of those wonderful effects you can absolutely count on for those
deliciously BIG reactions. It just looks so f#@Xing fair. Facelift is real
 -Jay Sankey

"I have seen this live. It fooled me. I now performed it and it fools everyone. It's easy and the set up is fast. Even when I know the secret it somehow stills fools me." -Sunny Cagara (Denmarks Got Talent Finalist)

Leon Andersen's FaceLift is an impossible change of two cards with no deck in play.

This simple gimmick will give you the ability to create what Dai Vernon called "One of the most amazing tricks with a deck of cards" with no skill involved, the gimmick does all the work for you!

After 13 years of development, over countless performances in the real world, FaceLift is an impossible effect with a super fun method!