Rise Of The Reader by Ryan Dux

Rise Of The Reader by Ryan Dux



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Ryan Dux - Rise of the reader

One stranger reads the mind of the other stranger Impromptu street mentalism.


You approach a couple (or two girls). You then show the girl a word that`s written on a card, and then put the card away. The guy never sees this word. Ask the girl to send the word to the guy, in her mind. The guy will be able to correctly name the word she is thinking of!

This is great to instantly bond with other people, especially when you are out picking up girls on the street. You will instantly have a great conversation piece and bond with TWO girls at once! ... Have I just heard somebody say "threesome"...?

- no pre-show
- nothing is arranged beforehand
- show the back of the card empty, unwritten
- no mirrors or shiny devices LOL
- there`s no communication between the couple during the effect
- you will use complete strangers that you have never met before

- Learn how to balance a playing card on your hand without the help of an additional gimmick.
- Make a small object vanish from the table. Your spectators will see the moment the object vanishes!

(Running time: 32min)


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