The Trix by Joel Dickinson (Instant Download)

The Trix by Joel Dickinson (Instant Download)



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The Trix by Joel Dickinson

Four eye candy tricks.


Joel has been perfecting these mind blowing tricks over many professional performances.

The effects are well thought out and are pure eye candy.

STRETCH ARMSTRONG : The magician animates his cartoon of a stickman on a signed playing card, then jaws drop as the stickman remains stretched. Finish by handing the stretched stickman to the participant as a souvenir.

BURNED AGAIN : The best take on the burnt and restored match plot available.

CONTAGIOUS : A selected card becomes infected with spots, then a series of baffling visual magic follows, finally the spots become holes and it looks incredible.

THROUGH : Manipulate ink drawn on your finger, this is a visual delight. The subtleties taught make this 110% more impossible. This is so good my brother is about to get this piece of magic permanently tattoo'd. 

( Concerned about arts and crafts? Don't be! )