The Cannibals by Dominique Duvivier

The Cannibals by Dominique Duvivier

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Cannibals by Dominique Duvivier - Download now


"The Cannibals trick rethought, digested, dissected with the Duvivier’s Touch. A pure delight ! To be consumed without moderation."-Gaetan Bloom

Cards form a deck begin to devour one another, they are cannibals! You then turn them over to show beautiful, multicolored and striking tribal paintings. Then the Cannibals visually multiply and are transformed in a sequence which will drive your spectators crazy!


"Very simple" Cannibals
The big routine
Instant Cannibals
Le Instant Cannibals V2
Cannibals ++
Cannibals + Mini Wallet
Version for the specialists
Ultra bonus : 5 Stars Cannibals


Instructional DVD Download
8 different versions explained in details
Easy and advanced versions