The Rising by Nicholas Lawrence (Instant Download)

The Rising by Nicholas Lawrence (Instant Download)

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The Rising by Nicholas Lawrence (Instant Download)

This trick defies the laws of physics. And yet you plainly see it happen. Nicholas has discovered a wormhole.

Effects this visual HAVE to be impossible. I mean there's no way I could do something that magical without being a Jedi master.

The Rising looks impossible, it looks like something that takes years to master... but thankfully it's not. Just an ordinary BORROWED deck of cards is all you need and you'll have the most visual ending to an ambitious card routine period.

The Rising is also great as a stand alone piece of visual magic. The card is placed at the bottom of a deck and the selected card slowly melts through the deck with seemingly no movement. It's like a playing card took an escalator ride to the top of the deck.

Looks impossible but is completely practical. The Rising will raise the bar on your card magic.

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