Bill Montana - Coffee Black PDF

Bill Montana - Coffee Black PDF

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Bill Montana - Coffee Black

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Bill Montana´s Coffee Black is the new compendium of ideas for psychic entertainer that will create in your performance a REAL sensation of psychic abilities.

Pages filled with information for serious mystery performers who works with metaphysical themes and really interested in deep mysteries.

Each of this effects could be sold separately to high prices, but we decide to place this to an affordable value to everyone interested in improving his knowledge and gain some new points of views.

In this PLUS version, you will receive a bonus piece from Pablo Amirá using a ungimmicked pen to create a great PK phenomena with some interesting presentational ideas.


1. The Attraction of Money: A new PK effect that must be seen to be believed.

2. The Copper Lion: A new psychometry method for mentalism worth many times the price of this work by itself.

3. The Door of Opportunity: Applying psychic techniques in effective ways.

4. The Singing Metal Rod & the Devils Musical Sound: Two version of this new effect are included the first is for the mentalist and the second is for the séance worker as this is a previously non exposed methodology for use in a séance.

5. The Incombustible Linen: A physical proof of spiritual manifestation.

6. The Spiritualist Floating Light: Another method that the debunkers of spiritualism missed.

7. The Crying Gnome: Treatise on crying statuary.

8. Amirá´s Pen-kinetic: PK pen routine, using no gimmicked pen.

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