Patrick Page - Magic Page by Page PDF

Patrick Page - Magic Page by Page PDF

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Patrick Page - Magic Page by Page

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new (last) book by the late Patrick Page – “Magic Page by Page”. A big book, 327 pages, beautifully produced with plenty of photographs and illustrations covering, in the author’s own words, “the actual tricks I made a living from”. Also included, of course, are a great number of effects that Patrick sold over the years as a dealer.

Here’s the chapter breakdown:

Chapter 1 Cards
Chapter 2 The Stacked Deck
Chapter 3 Coins
Chapter 4 The Miser’s Dream
Chapter 5 Miscellaneous – Sponge Balls, Rope, Silks etc
Chapter 6 Dealers’ Delights
Chapter 7 The Topit
Chapter 8 Patrick Page’s Comedy Magic
Chapter 9 Misdirection
Chapter 10 Now they see it

As might be expected, the book is full of the wisdom of Patrick Page, written in his usual style. Containing many totally new, never before published effects created during the final years of his life, and favourites long associated with his name, this book is a must for lovers of entertaining magic. Edited by Matthew Field, designed by Michael Albright and produced by Patrick’s family, they have produced a wonderful tribute to one of the finest magicians of our time.


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