James Swain - Miracles The Magic (1-4)

James Swain - Miracles The Magic (1-4)

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James Swain - Miracles The Magic(1-4)

The material contained in these four DVDs has entertained laymen and fooled magicians for nearly 40 years. These are not simply tricks but time-tested miracles that will leave a lasting impression on your audiences for years to come. Many have been performed on television including CBS Sunday Morning and FOX TV while the rest have been tested on audiences during thousands of performances. I hope you enjoy them.
Magically James Swain

Jim Swain s magic is the perfect combination of great skill and great thinking. One can only benefit from studying his work.
Darwin Ortiz

Having known Jim Swain for more than a couple of decades I can attest that his material is absolutely top notch. Many times I ve watched him amaze laymen and fool the wits out of magicians. We ve had countless sessions and discussions at which I am frequently fooled by his effects intrigued by his methods and always amazed at his skills and creativity. I cannot recommend his material highly enough to someone with that passion for the pasteboards.
Paul Cummins

Jim Swain s cardwork can only be described as masterful diabolical and filled with wonderment. Just don t gamble with him . . . he ll end up with your money your wallet and your socks if they re worth anything
Steve Forte

The wait is over Jim Swain is an unbelievable sleight-of-hand artist with a deck of cards and this series will prove it I have seen him kill an audience with his chop cup routine as well as his gambling routines. Besides being a terrific entertainer Jim is a genius when it comes to creating card magic. Be prepared to buy a backup DVD player because you will be watching these over and over again
Bill Malone
(still on the loose)


This act was the cornerstone of my performances for five years and has fooled the best in the business. Learn this act and audiences will believe you re the best card mechanic in the world
Gambling Act Routines

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