Brian Kennedy - Blur

Brian Kennedy - Blur

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Brian Kennedy - Blur

Blur is a fantastic visual colour change that you can do fully surrounded and that looks like trick photography. Blur is a variation on a classic change in magic but takes a new different approach to it. Uses a regular deck of cards and you can go into it at a moments notice.
Welcome to Blur.

Blur Transpo-A two card transposition routine where two cards are chosen ( can be signed). one card changes into the other using blur and changes back again in the spectators own hands.
Blur Vanish-You have a spectator select a card and sign it on the face. You then visually cause the ink to disappear off the card which can be then examined.The card is taken back and you then wipe the ink back onto the card in full view. The card is handed out and is fully Examinable. Blur vanish is a highly visual piece of magic that takes magic beyond the classic signed card.

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