Ellusionist - David Kong - Mercury

Ellusionist - David Kong - Mercury

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Four cards individually reverse with a shocking conclusion.

Four cards are shown– cleanly, clearly, and naturally– to your spectators. They’re the four aces, the most esteemed cards in the deck.

In your hands, the cards are brought together in one pile. With a snap, the cards are spread once more– slowly. One of the cards, without even a flinch, has reversed itself.

It happens again.And again, until all of the cards have now reversed in the most direct, fair, impossible manner you can dream of.

That’s only the beginning.Just when you think it’s over, MERCURY’s just getting started. With one more snap, the cards are turned over to reveal that the four aces have instantly changed into four kings.

But where are the aces?In the middle of the deck– in the spectator’s hands. MERCURY will knock your spectators out of the park with its unfathomable conclusion.

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