Oil Unrigged by Jordan Cotler and Big Blind Media (MP4 Video Download)

Oil Unrigged by Jordan Cotler and Big Blind Media (MP4 Video Download)

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Oil Unrigged by Jordan Cotler and Big Blind Media

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Jordan Cotler's 'Oil Unrigged' is a beautiful four phase Oil & Water routine that is as outrageously impressive as it is burnable! Taking the renowned 'Technicolor Oil & Water' as its inspiration, this routine moves things up a notch by dispensing with any gaff cards (just grab some cards from a blue backed and a red backed deck and get ready to blow some minds). Yep - impromptu and no gaffs.

Watch as four red cards (front and back) are interlaced with four blue backed, black faced cards. Over four increasingly impossible phases those cards just KEEP separating into their respective colors. No matter how cleanly they are interlaced, they just seem to separate like the proverbial Oil and Water!

Taught in clear, concise instructions over a 30min Instant Download this is a fantastic piece of magic that is achievable for any card magician and is something you'll be grateful to have in your arsenal the next time someone asks you to 'show em a card trick'.


"This routine is a KILLER."David Solomon


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