Ryan Dux - PSE (Instant Download)

Ryan Dux - PSE (Instant Download)

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Ryan Dux - PSE (Instant Download)

Show the spectator your business card with a symbol drawn on it. She can see the drawing. Then hypnotize her. Suddenly, she will be unable to see what`s drawn on the card!

Now show the card around. Everyone else in the room can see the drawing. Unhypnotize her. Suddenly, the drawing visibly appears on the card, right in front of her eyes. All this is done in real time without switching the card!

But wait, there`s more! Do you want to perform a book test with absolutely no experience in book tests? No forcing, no fishing, no equivoque, any book?
She can freely choose a page and freely stop on any word. You instantly know the word, without ever looking at the pages.

Don`t want to perform mentalism? Maybe visible magic fits your style. Well, you can make a drawing jump from one card onto another, or make two drawings on two cards change places.

- one principle, multiple uses
- detailed step-by-step instructions
- various design and performance ideas included
- customizable to fit your needs
- easy to learn & perform
- no previous knowledge of forcing or hypnosis needed
- hand the card out as a Souvenir
- Running time: 42 min

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