Dan and Dave - Chris Ramsay - SlipShift

Dan and Dave - Chris Ramsay - SlipShift

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Dan and Dave - Chris Ramsay - SlipShift

Fascinated by magic since childhood, Chris Ramsay has devoted a fair amount of time into both the study and practice however it was only recently, with his discovery of Cardistry, that his creativity began to flourish (literally).

TheSlipshiftis a visual color change done at the fingertips.Within this video Chris explains several variations of the change along with a method to control a selected card to the top of the deck.

"Slipshift as well as most of my original material has been derived in one form or another from flourishing. when I discover a new way of producing or clipping a card I often find myself dissecting it to see what else it might be good for."- And that is precisely the ideology we teach in our lectures and why we are so thrilled to have Chris apart of our team.

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