Flip Hallema - Truly Magical Rope Magic

Flip Hallema - Truly Magical Rope Magic

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Flip's Truly Magical Rope Magic

Rope magic your audiences will flip over!

Join international magic star Flip Hallema on this special double-length video as he performs and teaches his original rope creations-and it’s rope magic unlike any you’ve ever seen before. In most of the effects, the rope isn’t even cut, yet the sequences are funny, whimsical-and very magical. And, best of all, it’s easy to do! What’s more, all of the effects are modular. Perform the routines as taught or add your favorite sequences to rope routines you already perform. So, get a piece of rope and follow along with Flip-and learn some truly magical rope magic!

Routine One: Flip’s Routine This is Flip’s complete professional routine. Learn this and you’ll have a rope routine you’ll perform for the rest of your life.
Stretching the Rope ? Cutting Rope Without Scissors Sliding Knot with Kicker ? Two Unequal Ropes to Equal Ropes ? Restoring Rope in Middle Restoring the Rope from Pocket One Continuous Loop From Pocket ? Knot Restoration Ball of Rope Vanish

Routine Two:
Chinese Knot Routine A rope routine with a difference. Knots tied in an ordinary piece of rope behave in mysterious and magical ways. Scientific Knot ? Three Different Vanishing False Knots ? Instant Knot ? Reappearing Knot ? Family of Knots ? Sayonara Knot

Rope Penetrations
Routine these together or add them to your existing routine. Either way, your audiences will believe you can pass a solid piece of rope through anything! Rope Through Leg ? Rope Through Arm ? Rope Through Thumb ? Rope through Neck ? Rope Through Necktie Method

Routine Three:
Vanishing and Reappearing Knot Routine Once again, Flip turns his attention to knots and performs a completely routined piece of magic that will stun your audiences. Knot Transposition ? Instant Knot Vanish Instant Knot Reappearance ? Horizontal Rope Principle ? Instant Knot

Routine Four:
Halloween Costume Routine Flip does impressions with a single piece of rope. An enchanting and funny interlude, ready to add to your existing rope routine. Hilda the German Girl ? Cowboy on Sunday with Bowtie ? Belt ? Disappearing Belt ? Bikini Top ? Cartoon Mouse ? Santa Clause ? Old Man with Glasses ? Carrying Handles ? Chinese Magician ? Three Instant Knots in Rope

Routine Five:
Ring on Rope Routine A metal ring mysteriously penetrates onto and off of a solid piece of rope. Flip teaches many new moves and ideas in this classic of magic. Invisible Hole Penetration ? Tossed Ring Penetration

A Few Words About Rope
Flip concludes with some practical words about his own, and rope magic, in general.

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