Greg Wilson - Off the Cuff Video

Greg Wilson - Off the Cuff Video

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Greg Wilson - Off the Cuff Video

Have you ever needed to make a big impression but left all of your big impressive stuff at home? Worry no more. Using available, ordinary objects, you'll learn many simple, but yet stunning effects. Some of the effects include:

•Something for Nothing - A coin repeated appears at your fingertips and just as quickly vanishes into thin air. Get ready to hit pause on your DVD player.
•Recap - The stuff legends are made from. Perhaps the most popular trick invented in the last 10 years. Stand in line to see a show at the Magic Castle, and I bet you someone's doing this for people while their waiting. What is Recap? It's an eye popping five-phase routine with a borrowed pen and its cap that you will use everyday - everywhere you go!
•Pitch and Ditch - A revolutionary new move that functions as a topit (No jacket required). Now you can vanish any item and show your hands completely empty!
•The All-Around Vanish - A totally complete coin disappearance - without all that suspicicious handwashing.
•Coin Under Watch - A borrowed quarter disappears 3 times. Twice to your watch and once to theirs! Guaranteed to make 'em do a Chimp Flip!
•Sugar Shocker - A sugar packet instantly changes into a dollar bill as it drops through your fist!
•Plus, half a dozen more spur-of-the-moment miracles in this 90-minute impromptu lecture. With off the cuff, you'll be prepared to perform on-the-spot in a wide range of sticky situations - at work, home, a restaurat... of even a deserted island! In other words - anytime, anywhere... with anything. Off the cuff is the one thing that every magician should have up his sleeve.

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