Doug Brewer - Unexpected Visitor 2

Doug Brewer - Unexpected Visitor 2

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Developed, tested and refined for maximum audience impact in Every Situation!

11 tricks fully explained
Coin magic for every situation

  • Visual Copper Silver Brass:Unbelievable final phase where the coins transpose even with your hands open!
  • Fidget:Two coins become "fidgety" - changing places, multiplying, altering their appearance, with a final transposition in the spectator's hand.
  • The Flying Stupendas:Doug's handling of a classic plot with the Okito Box, ending in the spectator's hand.
  • Clone Elizabeth:A three coin production that is silent, but deadly. A great lead-in to any coins across sequence.
  • Chariots of Fire:Fire is used to cleverly sneak in the gaffs for Doug's handling of the classic copper/silver/brass effect.
  • Invisible Palm by Candlelight:Three coins appear and reappear in a dramatic routine using candlelight.
  • Magician vs. Wife's Coin Purse:A stunner direct from Doug's award-winning close-up act.
  • Turkey Shoot:Doug's handling of the brilliant Triple Threat gimmick.
  • Shrunken Heads:Another sneaky use of the Triple Threat gimmick, shrinking full-sized silver dollars into miniature coins.
  • Bertram Revisited:A simplified and commercial reworking of Derek Dingle's variation on a classic assembly plot.
  • Chopped Taters:Doug's handling of the mini-Chop Cup, direct from his acclaimed book.

Running TimeApproximately 109min

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