Justin Miller - Lightspeed

Justin Miller - Lightspeed

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You're performing your favorite rubber band routine. People are loving it, you are having a good time...


Your rubberband breaks.

What now? It's awkward, people expect you to do something magical, and you have nowhere to go. You could use a fresh band but that leaves everyone thinking you can't work with a broken band.

Lightspeed is designed for the moment when a rubber band breaks.You will find yourself BREAKING rubber bands just to perform Lightspeed

Here's what happens.

With a broken band, you thread a borrowed ring on to it and tie off the ends. A loop of band, with a knot and their ring linked on.

You begin to pull their ring off and throw it back on VISUALLY. A full routine that can be done with any ring and any rubber band... as long as it's broken.

Let Justin train you step-by-step to do this routine and NEVER be stuck with a broken rubber band and nothing to do with it.

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