Light Speed by Rick Lax (Instant Download)

Light Speed by Rick Lax (Instant Download)

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Light Speed by Rick Lax (Instant Download)

"I get the biggest reactions from THIS card trick" -Rick Lax

Call me evil, but I love the kind of magic that makes people lose sleep. Wondering if just MAYBE it was possible to REALLY do what I did.

It's not the over-the-top magic that does it.. It's the stuff that lives at the EDGES of what's believable. That's where (in my humble opinion) the most delicious magic happens.

Rick Lax's Light Speed is genius, because of how deviously close it is to being possible. It's the kind of trick that drives spectators insane. The best part is when they try to do it themselves :)

The hand is quicker than the eye.. we've all heard it, but now you can PROVE it. And their eyes don't stand a chance!

Acar Altinsel
born to perform.

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