Dee Christopher - Gambit

Dee Christopher - Gambit

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Dee Christopher - Gambit

Gambit is a great card magic trick that has a very modern mentalism style.

5 Cards are shown and placed face down on the table and spread out in a row. You now introduce a Poker Chip, mentioning not to turn it over as it has a prediction on the other side. The spectator places the Poker Chip on the top of ANY of the playing cards, there is no force necessary, the spectator can literally place the chip on ANY of the playing cards. Once the decision has been finalised the playing card and poker chip are pushed towards the spectator who turns them over. For example lets say the playing card is the Queen of Clubs, the Poker Chip has 'Queen of Clubs' written across its back!

Points to remember

Very easy to perform

Fun mentalism style presentation

Instant Reset

ANY playing card can be chosen

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