Art of Metal Bending by Menny Lindenfeld

Art of Metal Bending by Menny Lindenfeld

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Art of Metal Bending by Menny Lindenfeld

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A FOUR HOUR master class. A lifetime of experience distilled into the ULTIMATE course

The Art Of Metal Bending is over 4 HOURS of expert teaching on some of the most visual and powerful magic and mentalism you can do.

For over 20 years Menny Lindenfield has religiously devoted his life to metal bending. Learning what works on stage, what works for close-up, the most deceptive methods and the most visual bends. Included here are the best of the best. These ARE the methods you have been searching for.

Menny teaches the best way to:

Bend Spoons
Twist Spoons
Break Spoons
Bend Forks
Bend Tines
Bend Paper Clips
Bend Nails
Bend Keys
Bend Coins
Choose Silverware

Along with the many practical metal bending methods there are live performances performed for a packed house at the P3 studio along with several performances on the street and close up so you can see exactly how Menny uses these techniques in the real world.

Manufacturer Says

252 minutes. Over 4 hours of instruction.


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