Docc Hilford - Boudoir Q&A

Docc Hilford - Boudoir Q&A

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Docc Hilford - Boudoir Q&A

Boudoir Q&A was the cornerstone of a recentLas Vegas $100 workshop.It explains how to make money with a6 MINUTE Q&A demonstration.A question answering routine that you can carry in your pocket. But it’s much, much more than that! It’s really a device that creates a desire in your audience; a desire to purchase a personalized chart or booklet from you.

BOUDOIR Q&Ais not like anything else you may have.

It’s simple

It’s easy to do

It’s effective

Primarily designed for resort hotels, this mini-act can be played almost ANYWHERE! In restaurants, clubs, bars, bar-b-cues, picnics, parties, renaissance fairs, trade shows or anywhere people are. Docc explains EVERYTHING IN DETAIL. You’ll learn about:

Creating the audience

Distributing the cards

Gathering the questions

The invisible move

The secret read

What type of cards, envelopes and pencils

Even the perfect psychological patter that will camouflage the secret method even deeper.

This is an entirely different concept than the popular Boudoir card reading Doccinar or e-book. It’s something NEW you should have.

Docc teaches Peyton Raven, hands on. You’ll feel like you’re actually there being instructed in every step. It’s like a private session.

Best of all…

BOUDOIR Q&Ais meant to be performed! And it makes you money. You can go to any event with props that take up less space than an iPad and come home with money. You’ll build clients and a reputation for being entertaining, psychic and just simply AMAZING!

One purchaser usedBOUDOIR Q&Ato help a friend out of a jam. He went to an evening pool party and the entertainment failed to show up. The mentalist offered to do a demonstration followed by chart sales. He earned over $600 in an 90 minutes and the host told him, “You saved my party! Thanks.”

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