Ed Marlo - Future Reverse PDF

Ed Marlo - Future Reverse PDF

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Ed Marlo - Future Reverse

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Future Reverse

written by Ed Marlo
published by Magic, Inc.
1945 (Stapled), 15 pages

Ed Marlo  Future Reverse  spectator peeks at a card, indicator face up in deck, locates selection, 6 methods  3    
Ed Marlo  Reverse Sleight - Future Reverse  for earlier description see Side Slip Reverse  6    
Unknown  Spread Cull Placement  card at break is culled to another position  11    
Unknown  Corner Short Peek Force   12    
Unknown  Peek Force  with break  13    
Ed Marlo  Timing Peek Force  reversed card as edge mark  13    
Ed Marlo  The Bonus Effect  spectator fingertip-peeks at only reversed card  14