Mike Kempner - S and S Method

Mike Kempner - S and S Method

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Mike Kempner - S and S Method

Have you seen the Derren Brown episode in which he blindfolds a spectator? She truly cannot see and is asked to focus on a word that Derren has drawn and just shown to the entire audience. She truly has not seen this word and has no idea what the word is. There truly is no pre-show. After Derren provides the instructions to her, she puts something on her own notepad. At the count of three, she takes off her blind-fold, and shows her drawing to the audience. It is a perfect match. The S&S Method has never-before been revealed, and it allows you to exactly replicate this impossible feat of mentalism.


You blindfold a genuine spectator. No stooge. You draw something on a piece of paper and show it to the audience. The spectator truly does not see this and has absolutely no idea what you drew. You then tell the spectator to just imagine she is inside of a restaurant and to try to smell her favorite food there. You have already shown your drawing, so now it's the spectator's turn. After she has finished her drawing, she takes off her blindfold, and what she reveals to the audience is a perfect match. You both have drawn a birthday cake! She is as shocked as the audience that she got it right, because she truly is not a stooge.

[Note: While there is a good range of words you can force, the specifics of this method limits you in what words will work. Also know that this method is not 100%.]

1st edition 2015, 2 pages.
word count: 1120 which is equivalent to 4 standard pages of text

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