Peter Duffie - Best Of Duffie 2

Peter Duffie - Best Of Duffie 2

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Peter Duffie - Best Of Duffie 2


Best of Peter Duffie
Volume 2
Electronic Book

104 pages of material.
50 Routines.
Fully Hyperlinked.
GREAT Price!

The Best of Peter Duffie Volume one consisted of material extracted from all of my ebooks prior to the year 2005. It was published by I have published more books since that date.

"The Best of Peter Duffie is a perfect cross section of card magic’s evolution over the years. Duffie has worked with so many legendary figures that his inspiration is a frenzy of possibilities. Each trick in this book was selected as the very best of Peter Duffie’s extensive online library." --Arron Smith

You may ask. ‘if volume one was “the best of” then what is special about Volume 2? Well

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