The Art of Magical Entertainment by Paul A. Lelekis

The Art of Magical Entertainment by Paul A. Lelekis

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The Art of Magical Entertainmentis an e-book with six beautiful routines…and Paul's good friend and master magician, Dan Tong has graciously provided his full Egg Bag Routine in this e-book. Included is a video of Dan performing this routine for a live audience. Paul also provides a detailed and rich history of the Egg Bag.

Paul's good friend Mike Powers also has donated a video of a very important sleight – plus access to his moves section at his website.

**BONUS! You're going to love this. Paul has included a large essay explaining, "The Real Essence of Magical Entertainment". Paul explains, in complete detail, how to approach spectators, bring them into "your world", control your spectators, and maximize your magic. Paul provides a deep study of magical performance in this e-book, loaded with excellent magic, color photographs, and free videos.

Effects included are:

1)Dan Tong's Egg Bag Routine- Learn Dan's multi-phased, professional routine. What more can I say? Oh…there is a terrific "kicker" at the end!

2)Fair Play- This easy to do card effect is Paul's take on aFrank Garciamiracle. This is a magician fooler. Two methods are included.

3)Finger Floater- This little impromptu quickie is a lot of fun. Make a pen or pencil float in the air, back and forth – no threads…or anything else. Completely impromptu and a real fun effect. This one will fool you. (This is not the kid's trick with the pen that seems to be sticking to your hand. The pen or pencil floats from side to side!)

4)Laws of Attraction- Another magician fooler with a deck of cards…and so easy to do. The spectator riffle shuffles the deck and divides it into two piles. Every one of her black cards, are now matched by your red cards, and vice-versa! Impossible! Very easy to do and no false dealing.

5)Mesmeric- Mesmerize your spectator. A signed, selected card is lost in the deck and then the spectator selects three cards. First there is a "too many cards" sequence (very funny patter) and then the three cards turn into the selection and then into three Kings. Suddenly – only one card remains…it is the selection. Very interactive and fun to perform.

6)Tracing the Aces- The four Aces are laid out on the table. Two cards are selected and signed. The performer can't find them. Darn. Oh well, the performer instead goes into a hilarious sequence with the 4 Aces – only at the end…two of the Aces change into the two signed selections. Watch the reaction you'll get from the spectators – they will be shocked! Very easy to do.

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