Dee Christopher - Plastic: Close-Up Psychometry

Dee Christopher - Plastic: Close-Up Psychometry

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Dee Christopher - Plastic: Close-Up Psychometry
Plastic allows you to perform the classic feat of psychometry in the close up arena with an up to date presentation and a hook that will resonate with every person you meet. The effect plays exactly as follows:
You walk up to a table and place down an unopened packet of pay envelopes. After introducing yourself and meeting the characters that make up your audience for the next 7-10 minutes, you explain that you will turn away and each spectator on the table (or any two or three if you prefer) is to take any of the envelopes and place one of their credit cards inside.
They may then seal their envelopes and make sure that there is no possible way to see the contents. When everyone is done and the envelopes are all mixed, and only then, you turn around to begin.
You hold each envelope in your hands, one at a time and in feeling the energy contained within, you begin to hand each envelope back to who you believe to be it's owner. Along the way, you add in little details of course, that Tim just filled up his car and that Mary drew out a substantial amount of cash in the last week or so...
When each envelope is opened, it's shown that your intuitive feelings about what was contained in each envelope was 100% correct!
No preparation. You could perform this in the stationary store with any envelopes off the shelf.
You can always carry a couple of pay envelopes in your wallet and perform this at a moment's notice.
Finance is a topic that is always on everyone's mind, so money is a powerful topic to base around.
The effect feels modern and feels propless, you're using their items.
There are no markings on the envelopes.
No memory work is required, as long as you can introduce yourself to a spectator, you're good to go.
Lots of possibility to jam readings and humor, easy to make the effect your own.
You don't need to worry about people taking ages to choose items to place in the envelopes, (as with some audiences during a psychometry routine) the presentation is smooth and clean and keeps everything moving easily and quickly.
Dee has used several different methods to perform psychometry style effects over the years, but never close up before designing this effect. The method is so devious and so undetectable, you'll want to perform this at every chance you get!
The ebook contains the history and development of the effect, the core methods at play, some amazing subtleties, as well as several different performing options and optional climaxes including handwriting analysis, drawing duplications, and more.
"That's GENIUS!" - Alan Rorrison
"That is devious!! Great psychometry routine, so clean you could eat off it!!" - Ben Williams
"A working man's effect that is sure to be a pleaser to those who perform it as well as those who witness it in action" - William Draven
"Hard hitting mentalism without props that is guarantee to kill." - Mat Parrott
1st edition 2013, 20 pages.
word count: 3860 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text