Petro Gurido - Teleportation

Petro Gurido - Teleportation

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Petro Gurido - Teleportation
Are you ready to teleport someone?
This illusion book will tell you how to make an incredible magic effect!!! Make possible teleportation several spectators from one city to another at a distance of over 500 miles. No special effects or television tricks.
You may be wondering at this point how we managed to do this. The entire method is described for you, step by step, right here in this book.
-54 Full Color pages
-Extremely Detailed Prop Building Plans
-Workshop Photographs
-Full Explanation
Secrets never before shared with the public!
First time release!
I??m very very impressed this is actually better than MOST illusion books.
- Ryan C. Reed
Founder, Illusion Entertainment
Keep in mind after you buy our book you will have life support with professional illusion builder. if you have any questions or need help just write on e-mail (you will find inside book).

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