Jacob Smith - Drawn to You

Jacob Smith - Drawn to You

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Imagine being able to deliver (as well as practice) flawless stage readings based on graphic cold readings to an audience without any chance of failure, being able to divine images/memories merely thought of by the audience members and finally being able to have them in fact confirm that ALL of the proceedings are thoughts they are having in real time without anything EVER being written down!

I know it sounds impossible, so let's get a few things straight on what exactly this is. This is NOT something that is going to include a full presentational script, that is open to your interpretation and it is your job as a creative individual to come up with that on your own. I am simply presenting a gestalt canvas for you to take and paint up your own personality upon.

Furthermore, the method included is not some new concept or gizmo that will change the way you perform forever, but at the same time it is a unique arrangement of classic methods that at this point is brand new to the field. There is some work involved, but during the key point, which is the demonstration itself, there is no work at all, which is covered in the audio included.

I've jealously guarded this for about a year and kept it quiet except between close friends in the art, so without further ado, this is Drawn To You.

Finally a mind reading act that requires nothing more than an audience, and a trained mind! Drawn To You is completely prop-less demonstration of mind reading that engages the entire audience, builds in drama and ends with an entire audience experiencing mind reading under test conditions.

The act opens with a completely none written demonstration of doing readings from stage, an intimate experience of the mind reader revealing a memory the volunteer freely thinks of in real time and finally a duplication of a picture taken from the memory itself! The volunteer on stage never writes any information down, is randomly selected by a process of elimination set by the audience and is in no way or shape a confederate!

NOTE: This is a description for the demonstration as I perform it and will be presenting it here. There are other variations utilizing more classical techniques in a logical manner also presented in the .pdf and expanded upon in the audio, so you are getting a little more than what is being described.

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