Planes Mistaken For Stars By Art Vanderlay

Planes Mistaken For Stars By Art Vanderlay

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Planes Mistaken For Stars By Art Vanderlay

Great magic

Planes Mistaken For Stars is a limited edition 200+ page book that contains 15 of Arts most highly regarded secrets. Only 150 will ever be made.

The Tides Of Time – Take your spectators on a journey through time in a way never thought possible before!

The Moonlight Shadow – Cause the moon to change shape & colour!

My Precious – A pendulum effect using the One Ring

Mother Shipton`s Prophecies – Finally an Add A No effect that makes sense!

The Ripper – Jack had a favourite victim, can your spectator divine the correct one?

Here Be Dragons – Dragons, blood, mystery – what more could you want?

G-Wave – A gimickless version of a classic effect

My First Date – Drag stars across the sky!

The Buckinghamshire Triangle – Take your spectators through a warp in reality

Sho-Bam-Ro – My fishing deck & TOD presentation

Lie To Me – A 100% "Which Hand" routine

The Wizard Returns – My impromptu drawing duplication. No Peek & No gimmicks!

The Memory Of Trees – Kioku on steroids!!!

5u1n6u3d – My "Go To" effect when demonstrating subliminal messages or the power of influence

In League With The Devil – Proof that you are really in league with the devil!

Neal Scryer – When Art first gave me a copy of PMFS I knew that I was holding something very special. All of Arts releases have been golden and this is no different, in fact he has saved the very best for this book! I have already put myself down for a copy when it is released!

Dale H Hildebrandt – I would love to write a forword for your book! It`s outstanding!

Luca Volpe – I had a pleasure to have a review copy of this book, and I can tell you that is something really special.
Well done my friend!