Antariksh P Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi - Hoax Issue 2

Antariksh P Singh & Waseem & Sapan Joshi - Hoax Issue 2

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Hoax is a digital monthly magazine which contains workers. No pipe dreams, no overnight ideas, no impractical material. Inside Hoax you will find material that will be used. Explained in detail with clear photographs and video performances to help and make the learning process easier than ever.

This month we got to spend a little time with Ray Kosby. We also feature three most creative magicians: Aarsh Shah, Tharun Iyer and Praveen

Contents :

1. Sneak Peek Control: A very devious control. Easy and so good that it will even fool the magicians who think they know what is going on.

2. Sneaky Palm: An extended application of the Sneak Peek Control.

3. Sneaky C.A.A.N: A nice take on the classic card at any number.

4. Thafun Change: This is just beautiful. Not very easy but once mastered a really elegant color change in your arsenal.

5. Inferior Control: The name should be a giveaway. Enough said.

6. Prain Change: A crazy color change. Features a bonus idea too.

7. In The Limelight: Ray Kosby Interview.

44 pages with photographs in detailed instructions & with performance links

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