Al Leech - Collection (PDF ebooks)

Al Leech - Collection (PDF ebooks)

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Al Leech - Collection

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A set of the works of one of magics finest technicians. The books included in this set are:

    Al Leech's Legacy - with 123 pages of coins and cards and thimbles.
    Handbook of Card Sleights - covers all the valuable sleights needed by the active card man (22 in all.)
    Don't Look Now - is subtitled and described as 'The Smart Slant on Misdirection', one of the very few educated offerings on this important subject.
    For Card Men Only - has 18 very usable card tricks in the Leech Tradition.
    Manipulating With Leech - goes on into more card tricks, thimbles, coins, and color changing knife routines.
    Card Man Stuff - all very, very Leech in concept and explanation and impact on the audience.
    Super Card Man Stuff - the sequel to his Card Man Stuff
    Cardmanship - 18 tricks, all practical for the working performer

Who was Al Leech? From Magicpedia:

Alfred B. Leech ( October 19, 1918 - July 7, 1974) was born in Washington D.C, but moved to Chicago at a young age. He became a journalist by profession and a cardician at heart. He was involved with the magic scene in Chicago during the 1940s & 1950s. According to some accounts, he was as well-regarded as Marlo in his time in the Windy City. In the late 1950s, he moved to New York, where he came in contact with men like Dai Vernon, Harry Lorayne and Frank Garcia. He was publicity chairman for the first combined IBM/SAM convention. One of Al Leech's signature effects was the popular card trick Red Hot Mama.

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