Olivier Boes - E4SY

Olivier Boes - E4SY

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Olivier Boes - E4SY

Hey guys, so this is an effect I'm really proud of it, it's something I use in a lot of situations, specially in close-up.

You basically give to your participant, the ability to divine your PIN code.

After they've experienced mind-reading experiences, you said you will give them a gift and give the ability to divine PIN codes, the participant try on your phone, you, the mind reader, and he is able to divine your PIN code and unlock it. The rest of the participants are wrong.

No Apps
Works with any phone, you don't even need a phone, it can be done on paper.
Works in any language.
You never say your PIN at any point, nobody knows it.
E4SY to do.

I'm looking for some reviews, so if you're a previous purchaser of 10S Star Sign Divination. PM Me and I'll choose 4 random people.

Thanks for your attention guys.

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