Ben Cardall - The Twiches Theory

Ben Cardall - The Twiches Theory

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This is the next offering in the task of getting as close to just ‘reading minds’ (from a performance dynamic I mean) only this is more reading people with a presentational hook. Simply put, the twitches theory is the ability to read micro expressions but put into the context of a mentalist routine.

What they will see is a test of 'psychic prowess' to see if your spectator can sense what emotions are on the back of photos. Whilst this is going on, you demonstrate the ability to genuinely guess the spectators memories! methods for all occasions are included especially interesting are the literally prop free methods!

This is a real skill that all mentalists should have and can enhance your lie-detection routines 10 fold!

"After a lifetime of focusing on my own brand of pure Mentalism, Twitches by Ben Cardall inspired me. It refreshing that other are out there thinking brilliantly and outside the box!" Joe Riggs, Acclaimed Mentalist and consultant and known to the world as the Real Sherlock Holmes!