Herb Dewey - Mindblowing Psychic Readings (PDF Download)

Herb Dewey - Mindblowing Psychic Readings (PDF Download)

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Mindblowing Psychic Readings (Download) – Herb Dewey

Herb Dewey estimated that he had done over one hundred thousand readings during his lifetime. Here is the last book he wrote before his death. It is an approach to cold reading based on generalities for certain types of people. Contents include generalized readings for Personality Types, Ethnic Groups, Sexual Orientated Persons, Overweight, Age Groups, Singles, Attractive People, Teenagers, Males, Married, Hispanics, Blacks, Females, Children, Asians, Adults, etc. Strange, but for some reason it is “politically incorrect” to generalize today and yet, these readings will prove to be over 80% accurate. These readings can be used as a one-on-one reading, phone readings, written readings, etc. As a bonus, Herb Dewey includes a section on answers to common questions asked by clients. Comb Bound,