Matt Mello - People Skills

Matt Mello - People Skills

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Matt Mello - People Skills


People Skills is a demonstration in which you predict the decisions a person will make on a crowd of people. Your main participant openly chooses if people will go to the left side of the stage, the right side of the stage, or if they will be sent back to their seats. The performer is in no way involved in the decision making process. When everyone has been sent somewhere by the spectator, you're able to show a prediction that proves you knew every action they would make!

This is the largest demonstration that Matt performs, and also happens to be one of the easiest! All that's needed is to give the person the instructions to select people, and then you can sit back and relax and do NOTHING; the method is completely self-working. At the end, without you needing to do or switch anything, they remove the prediction from their pocket and find that you're correct...ALWAYS!

People Skills is primarily a stage effect, but can also be used at parties or in school, sending people to either side of the room or to sit down. There is no limit on how many people can be included in the game, so it's the perfect piece to get a ton of audience members involved with the show. It typically uses about fourteen people, but if you're Derren Brown, you could fill a room with a hundred people and could still predict the outcome of the person's decisions!

-No Preshow

-No Stooges

-No Gimmicks

-No Outs

-No Pateo

-No Equivoke

-No Sleight of Hand