Cryptext 2.0 by Haim Goldenberg (.ttf file + PDF instrutions)

Cryptext 2.0 by Haim Goldenberg (.ttf file + PDF instrutions)

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Cryptext 2.0 by Haim Goldenberg (.ttf file + PDF instrutions)

Please note :

this is full version ,included .ttf files + PDF

please make sure you can install .ttf file in your computer by yourself ! it is Computer knowledge. 

New and improved font, looks like real handwriting, capital & lower-caseletters, great for closeup, TV and stage shows
Cryptext is a custom designed True-Type font with an interesting property. Type anything you want and adjust the font size to suit your needs. After installing Cryptext on your computer, you will be able to print off special characters quickly and easily. However, It is more effective if you learn to write in this style yourself. This allows you to prepare messages anywhere, even in front of the audience. It also lends itself to an impromptu feel which is not present with type written predictions.
performed by the best mentalists all over the world


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