Secrets Of A Millionaire Magician by Randy Charach (PDF Download)

Secrets Of A Millionaire Magician by Randy Charach (PDF Download)



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Randy Charach - Secrets of a Millionare Magician

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Suppose you could instantly access all the secrets, tools and resources you need to create all the bookings you want. At fees much higher than you are currently earning. Imagine earning as much as you want, doing what you love to do. Waking up in your own bed each morning - or in whatever city in the world you choose to perform in. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn't if you have the right planning tools, marketing knowledge and contact information."secrets of A Millionaire Magician" is a comprehensive guide to profitable marketing strategies and business tips, boiled down into a complete step-by-step system. 

With Randy's system, you'll discover simple and inexpensive marketing methods, complete contact information for lucrative venues, and various methods to increase your income.



Review by Jim Coston –

Randy Charach’s Secrets of a Millionaire Magician

When I first saw Randy Charach’s website I was skeptical. It reads, in part..

“How to skyrocket your income as an entertainer, doing the shows you want to do – where and when you want to do them – while leveraging your time and producing multiple streams of income.”

“You are now going to discover the secrets I have used to earn over a million dollars as an entertainer.”

“And how I have earned several more million dollars running small related ventures without staff and on a shoestring budget.”

Oh, another in a long line of “buy my book and get rich overnight” schemes, I thought…. I THOUGHT WRONG!.

When I started the Essential Entertainer’s Links in 1997, I wanted to provide the Entertainment Community with an information resource that would help them in the pursuit of their careers. As a result, I assembled over 4000 resources and weblinks contained within this website.

Well, in his new book “Secrets of a Millionaire Magician” Author, Magician & Entrepreneur, Randy Charach has done me one better! Not only has he assembled an impressive list of resources (many of them I didn’t know!) but he also takes you through, step by step EVERYTHING you need to know in order to maximize the use of them.

Although Randy is a Magician, his insight and techniques will serve ANY performer well. Will I use this book? You bet!!

Do yourself a favor, of all 4000 links available from this website, the most important one may simply be Randy’s.

Review by Bob Cassidy-

Randy Charach’s Secrets of a Millionaire Magician

I must admit I was skeptical when I saw the ad for Randy Charach’s e-book. But when I read testimonials by mentalists I know and respect I decided to take a look.

What I found was an incredible resource for the professional performer. (Especially for one who is a less than professional businessman.)

This is the definitive guide to what every professional performer needs to know about promotion, business methods, publicity materials, performance venues and everything else it takes to make a living in the highly competitive world of professional entertainment.

It’s not a “get rich quick” plan, for it assumes that you already have created a marketable, professional quality act. But even a beginner will discover a road map to eventual success in these pages.

If you are a hobbyist or someone for whom magic/mentalism is merely an avocation, this is probably not for you. But if you would sincerely like to become a successful, full time professional, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Review by Steve Schneiderman –

Secrets of a Millionaire Magician is a neat ebook because it does not talk about theory without also backing it up. Every assertion Randy makes can and is backed up by his real-life experience and earnings. No bull. No filler. That’s very refreshing.

In this ebook Randy shares his successes and analyzes why his strategies worked, and shows you how they can work for you.

Take, for example, his appearance at a local Chamber of Commerce trade show. I’ve attended these in Tulsa, and frankly, was not that impressed by the traffic. But Randy’s small investment in a booth earned him a gig in a shopping center and eventually a national tour!

Nothing short of amazing, and so easy to do if you just think about the opportunities that surround you, and formulate a plan to transform those opportunities into revenue. Randy shows you:

How to earn fees that are at least 5-10 times higher than your competitors.

How to easily avoid mistakes that can kill your business.

How to get a ton of bookings with absolutely no marketing cost.

And the 10 essential tips for making money on the Internet.

And there’s much more — too much for me tell you about in this small space.

I recommend — no, strike that — I urge you …If you are a performer — magician or something else — you owe it to yourself to learn more about the business of show business and how to maximize your earning potential.

What have you got to lose?

Review by Geoffrey Ronning –

This book begins with Randy’s philosophy on business and the entertainment business. Randy is a magician who has earned over $1,000,000.00 with magic and related entertainment ventures.

The relevance for stage hypnotists is obviously applicable.

The first chapter on his philosophies are the real deal. If you are not currently following these 10 rules you are probably losing more money than you are earning.

Simple to read, easy to forget and very important to your business. If you get this book print out this list and tack it to your wall.

Next he covers business planning. Most entertainers don’t have plans! Even I have been guilty of this DEBILITATING condition – and I preach plan, plan, plan!

In fact, with the events of Sept. 11th we will be revisiting our goal sheets and adjusting them accordingly.

Randy covers Idea Mapping, Goal Sheets and Business Plans. Planning is so important it cannot be left out of any book on the business of entertainment, nor out of your business if you are intending to maximize your income and increase your show bookings.

Promotional material is covered thoroughly, and I recommend you read this section with care. Most stage hypnotists don’t create the proper promotional materials, and this segment could easily identify the reasons they are not booking more shows.

In addition, he covers writing copy, sales pieces, prospecting, follow up and booking the show.

In his chapter “Fees for Financial Freedom” he spells out his thoughts on how to price yourself. This is one of my favorite chapters.

By the way, one of the funny things about success is that when you compare varying successful people and their experiences/recommendations/advice, they are usually very similar.

In the end, most successful people will arrive at the same destination whether it is regarding fee structure, prospecting or booking, while often times taking entirely different paths to get there.

So, the reason I like this chapter on fees is because it should begin to change some minds out there that are currently selling on price or viewing their business as “the shows”.

By the way, I think another major part of fee structure is self-esteem. One day I’m going to write a book called, “Every Problem is a Self-Esteem Problem.”

Also covered is contracts, and then on to one of my favorite topics: agents.

Many of you know we have an in-depth video program on working with agents and it is nice to read Randy’s philosophy. He spells out how he deals with agencies to get bookings.

Agencies are in my opinion an important aspect of your business. In fact, while writing this review Wendy has booked two shows with agencies – agencies should be in your business mix.

Lesson 9 is another chapter of must follow advice.

On to the next chapter for colleges and universities. It includes terrific advice on how to book them and also includes contact addresses (different from the agencies)!

Randy tackles fairs and festivals with a good overview.

In addition, Randy provides a number of fair and festival contacts.

In the Corporate Bookings section, he provides valuable ideas and thoughts and also provides his recommendations for associations you may consider joining – great advice.

Many people have questions about working on cruise ships and his chapter on working cruise lines should answer most of them.

His take on television shows is quite in-depth and should provide anyone who is interested in exploring such opportunities (you should if you are interested in making money) with a firm foundation to do so.

Casino gigs are covered – it is a short chapter, but the information provided is accurate and usually VERY surprising to many that are not currently booking in the “casino” industry.

Comedy Clubs are covered, and while I think the information is great, I do believe the average dollar mentioned is not applicable for comedy clubs in the United States for a no name headlining hypnotist.

He also includes a list of comedy clubs.

Lesson 21 will boost your income significantly! I harp and harp on this. If you are not doing it, you are hurting
yourself significantly!

In addition, Lesson 22 should provide ideas for you to maximize your value, time and income. The sooner you begin to think beyond your show income and start to think about your “non-labor intensive” income, the more successful you will be.

This is an IMPORTANT chapter!

If I would have understood this concept from the beginning, Wendy and I would be living on the Ocean in some quiet, corner of the world right now basking in the sun and drinking cocktails all day.

Highly Recommended

Review by Shane –

“Secrets of a Millionaire Magician” by Randy Charach

“How to skyrocket your income as an entertainer, doing the shows you want to do – where and when you want to do them – while leveraging your time and producing multiple streams of income.”

That’s the quote straight off of Charach’s website pushing his rather self-aggrandizing titled ebook, “Secrets of a Millionaire Magician”. Now, with that kind of blurb, and that kind of title, my “rip-off radar” goes nuts. Add to that the manic buzzing when my scam detector kicks into high gear, and I could have swore to you that this is just another stupid scheme whereby the biggest secret to getting rich is that you paid a truckload of cash to somebody else for nothing worth anything and made them rich.

And I would have been wrong. Really, really wrong.

“Secrets of a Millionaire Magician” is not a scam or a scheme. It is nothing less than a complete, systematic plan for increasing your skill (through hard work, mind you) in the business side of your show business career. Charach starts from the barest basics and progresses logically through each necessary step to assist you on your continued quest for wealth in an all-encompassing revelation of what you will need to succeed.

As I read this work, I kept thinking of how many times I’ve been asked things like “How much do I charge?”, “How do I make promotional material?”, “How I need an agent?”, etcetera and etcetera and etcetera again. Virtually every question I’ve ever been asked is answered here. Wanna book a show at a restaurant? Here’s the way to do it. Thinking about Christmas gigs already? Check out page 207. Worried about what to put into a contract? Check out Part One.

If nothing else, Charach earns extra credit for being as thorough as possible in all aspects of the business side of things. But Charach went beyond the pale: he includes names, addresses, and contact numbers for various organizations responsible for booking shows around the world. Looking for an agent in Oshkosh? How about who to ask about working a college show? All the information is in here. Oh, and if you’re wondering exactly what to say to these organizations to gain their attention, well, that’s here too.

I’ve never seen anything as complete as this. This is not a sales and marketing manual where someone just inserted the word “magician” here and there, leaving gaping holes in logic all over the place; this is a bible for magical performers to sell and market themselves. And it’s gorgeous in its scope and thoroughness.

I can’t say enough good things about this work. I will throw some caveats out, just for the sake of completeness.

First, there is nothing magical here. If you think you can sit on your rump, think big thoughts, and suddenly wake up one day rich, just by reading this, you’re going to be disappointed. Charach gives you the tools and the info on making yourself more money as a more successful performer; the sweat and toil you’ll have to provide to even begin seeing results.

Second, if you’re a moderately successful performer already, some of Charach’s advice may be a rehash for you; don’t expect everything in the book to be completely new to you. From my own experience, I had been making use of bits and pieces here and there from the book (thanks to a career in business). What Charach does that is completely new, and which he should receive accolades for, is the point-A-to-point-B methodology he gives to the entire line of show business for magicians. This fills in the blanks, as it were, for a successful personal program for your gains (meaning: there was a lot here I knew about but didn’t know how to apply to my performing career).

Third, if you’re looking for advice on your act or which tricks to do at what venue, this is not for you. Charach assumes, rightfully, that your skills as an entertainer are intact and that you can indeed entertain an audience. Think of it this way: you’re in show business, which is 20% show and 80% business. Your 20% is up to you; Charach shows you how to make the most of the other 80%.

All in all, “Secrets of a Millionaire Magician” is a grand work on the business-side of being a magician that is at once readable and understandable and complete in it’s aspects on business. What you do with it, and where you end up, is entirely up to you, but Charach gives you everything you need to succeed.

Review by Joseph Silverstone – rates this product as the best marketing course and information resources to have ever hit the market.

We were so excited to have read this course. With great pleasure and enthusiasm, is very proud to recommend this to all who is considering a serious career in the realm of magic and entertainment.

However, if you are wanting overnight riches and a quick way to the top, this course is not for you. To our knowledge you will not find one either. This course is for the person who is wanting to be truely successful, and willing to dedicate themselves to what it takes, by building a solid business plan and being successful.

This course is everything it says and more!